Director/Cinematographer/VFX : Jusin Kim

Producer : Jung-hyun Eom

Production crew : Somi Lee, Seul-ki Lee, Si-yeon Ha

Camera crew : Kyeo-re Lee, Da-young Yoo

Art Director : Yu-bin Park

Art team : Hae-gang Lee, Jun-hee Kang, Bom Choi

Original Track “Sink or swim” – Weird inside


Male A/ Male B : Hyun-jin Ahn

Wife of Male A/ The Audition staff : Yeon-hee Kim

The participants of the Audition/The Colleagues of Male A:
Soon-ho Kwon, Pil-jin Park, isak Kim, Eui-sun Yoon,
Seung-ju Ha, Suk-jin Moon, Young-nam Shin, Sung-hun Yoo

The Voice of celebrating song : Nam-bok Kim

“Lost Stars play by Sung-ha Jung”
Original Music by “Sink or Swim – Weird Inside”

Thanks to

Min Heo, Hyun-ho Yoon, Sung-hun Joo, Jung-bae Park,
Medium Shin, Min Kim, Moon-ki Jung, Hyun-jung Shin,
Hyunmin Lee, Byung-chul Kim, Seung-min Kong, Jeong-won Min,
Yoon-su Park, Woo-young Bo, So-young Kim, Jin-sol Kim,
Sol Lee, Ki-hyun Kim, Hexa, SLR Rent

The Young-in City hall

Jung-sik Yoo(Daea TI co.)



So-hyun Jung and her Family

And all the Baristas, Sommeliers, Hoteliers, Headhunters

Special Thanks to

Nathan from Render Heads
360 VR Video Professionals(Facebook group)
The Yeon-nam People
Aeng Lee
Joo-young Kim of Blessed memory

Advisor Professor : Oliver Grim

Dedicate to all the parallel universes.

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평행우주(Parallel Universe)