10 Disturbing Paranormal Events That Can't Be Explained

CREEPIEST Photos That Baffled Scientists

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We’re told that things like ghosts, aliens, monsters, etc. are all figments of the imagination. When it comes to the unexplained, it can create quite the controversy when we’re presented with a situation that’s abnormal. Logic and science tell us that there’s no such thing as ghosts, aliens, or cryptids. And yet, we still encounter sightings every day - and there is always an article out over a new experience with the paranormal. Some of the most compelling stories have help us keep our belief in the paranormal alive. All it takes is a dependable person to come out with an amazing story, and we’re hooked. While there are skeptics out there who will try their best to tell us that it’s all a ruse, sometimes the evidence is just too great for us to dismiss it. However, the paranormal events you’re about to learn about have shed some light on the unexplained, and it might even make you a believer!

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