10 Feet Nephilim Unexplained Nordic Female Aliens Extraterrestrial Creatures On Camera In Kremlin

You are seeing an incredible moment in Kremlin back entrance when Internal Security Lieutenant asked 2 strangely dressed females to lift the dresses, for security check because he could not believe their height - he is 6 feet and they were towering another 4 feet above him. So he naturally thought they are wearing legs extension but as you can see no extension there - just 5 inch tall shoes. Everyone else thought they are wearing leg extensions under their dresses - but the lieutenant had genuine shock when he saw no extensions. Then FSB colonel approached him and said they have full clearance to enter the Kremlin and no further security checks are necessary. Lieutenant said they were even moving strangely semi floating in the air and he said no human can reach the height over 3 meters or 10 feet or to move like they did. Lieutenant think they were out of this world Nephilim or Nordic Aliens out of this planet and he will remember the encounter for the rest of his life.