10 Filmed Cases Of Unexplained Alien UFO Landings With Alive Extraterrestrials Captured On Camera

There are only 10 known filmed cases of Alleged Alien UFO Landing with Live ETs. Consensus is that 5 are real and 5 fabricated by Blue Beam Project holograms. See them all here.
1. This Alien UFO landing was filmed in 1990s in China. It surfaced in early 2010s.
2. This is alien landing in near Area 51 filmed early 2000s. Many experts examined this video and found it to be authentic. See it again in the slow motion to confirm that is not CGI but real spaceship with aliens landing. Here is the full scientific computer simulation of what u just saw.
3. The next UFO landing took place at the same spot in 2017 & was confirmed real not CGI
4. This is the most controversial UFO landing that allegedly took place in North West United States in 2010. However, hundreds of witnesses confirmed seeing the same black spaceship in Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and North California
5. It seems like this ET crash landed and was recovered by authorities in Utah in 2017 while still being alive.
However, it looks like he did not make it and ended up in Cheyenne Mountain croyostorage facility.
6. It also seems that Extraterrestrials don't even need a spaceship but just a spacesuit to land on Earth like this one in Los Angeles, California
However, to me this Extraterrestrial Traveler looks suspiciously similar to NASA Astronaut
7. The same spaceman without an UFO saucer landed (actually he lifted off) in Mexico in 2016
8. Or this Extraterrestrial Alien that landed in Russia, Moscow without an actual Spaceship
9. And this one was repeatedly seen flying over Russia by thousands of people and earned a nickname Russian Iron Man.
And the Alien Iron Man also looks similar to Russian Experimental Cosmonaut
10. The last one is possible Blue Beam Project hologram. UFO eventually landed producing "an angelic being"
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