10 Mysterious Photos That Remain Unexplained

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Have you ever seen a photograph that doesn’t look quite right? We’re not talking out of focus or off-kilter, but truly mysterious photos where parts of the image can’t be explained. Over the years, photographs have surfaced that have left everyone puzzled. Much of the time there are hypotheses and theories behind them, but even photo experts can’t fully explain them. Some feature paranormal figures, others feature what seem to be time travellers who popped back in time with devices from present day. And then, of, course, are the images that represent some of the world’s greatest mysteries.

And while today it would be easy to explain these occurrences due to Photoshop and image editing, most of these photos were taken decades ago when those programs didn’t exist. So, what does this really say about the head-turning events captured in the photos? It forces us to think more deeply about things that have been deemed highly unlikely and for the most part, impossible. Does time travel really exist? Or will it in the future? Are the ghosts of people we’ve lost really all around us? And is there truly life on other planets that make their way around in alien flying objects? These photographs say “yes” to all of the above.

Prepare to see some of the most perplexing images that have surfaced to date. In today’s video, we take a look at 10 of the most mysterious photographs that have been left unexplained.

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The Newby Church Ghost
Sir Victor Goddard’s Squadron Photograph of Freddy Jackson
The Chinnery’s Backseat Family Ghost
The Mystery of The Babushka Lady
Charlie Chaplin’s Time Traveler
The 1991 UFO Sighting in Ontario, Canada
The Tank Man
The Party Crasher at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten
The Cameron Lake Cryptid
The Time Traveling Hipster

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