10 Scariest Unexplained Paranormal Events

Ten of the freakiest paranormal activities ever witnessed
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If there is one thing that we continue to argue and debate over throughout the course of time, it will be the paranormal. This means that ghosts, aliens, demons, and mysterious creatures have haunted our lives for centuries, but we are no closer to the answers of confirming or debunking these the existence of these weird things than we were back in the Stone Age. Even with the innovation of technology for investigation and research, it has led to more questions than answers. The universal thing we all have in common with each other is that one day we are all going to die. Because of this, people have wondered whether we survive in any capacity after our physical bodies die. Nothing is more terrifying than either ceasing to exist or worse, going to hell according to religious institutions. So, in the quest to seek answers in terms of the afterlife and the unexplainable, there have been numerous experiences and mysteries reported that have gained new life thanks to the Internet.
When it comes to tragedy, such as the death of children, it can be difficult to accept the death of someone whose life had barely just begun. In several of the cases in this video like the San Antonio Ghost Tracks and the Pollock Twins, they involve children and people trying to make sense of their death and believing that somewhere, somehow, these young souls survived their premature death. In other cases, there are situations of unexplainable creatures being spotted and weird occurrences in the sky. Could it be aliens? It would be quite ignorant to believe that we are the only creatures that live in this world. Are aliens coming down to check on us? Could they be controlling us? Could they be sending us messages warning us to change the way we treat our planet?
There are also situations in which we cannot make sense of, such as the people who mysteriously died at the Dylatov Pass. Even though their bones were crushed, their skin was not broken, but instead, burned by radiation. Where could this have come from on top of a mountain? From all of these mysteries, it is clear that man does not have all of the answers to these mysteries, which can be truly scary.
Whether we like it or not, the paranormal is waiting for us around every corner. Nearly every person who has lived has had an unexplainable experience. The paranormal has now become mainstream, with even celebrities coming forward with their own experiences. Because of this, more and more stories are being brought to light, therefore exposing more paranormal events that could very well happen to us if we’re not being careful. As you watch this video, be aware that this list only has 10 events listed out of the millions of stories and experiences out there. After you’re done, keep the light on in your hallway, lock all the bolts, and say a prayer and hope that you’re not the next victim on the list of paranormal phenomenon.
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