10 Strange similarities | Universe & Earth “The Mystery” | Strange connection | Unexplained Mystery

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Did you ever felt the similarity ?
Part 1 :
Number 1 :
The Image of a Planet and water carrying comet (Even can say comets which are responsible for organic life)
and the image of Ovum inside female organism and male Sperm travelling towards the ovum to create new life.
These Images somehow carry lot of similarity

Number two :
The Image of atomic structure of molecules with positive atom in centre and electrons around it and The Image of structure of galaxy with sun being in the centre and planets around the sun
Number 3 :
The image of top view of milky way and the Sea shell structure
Number 4 :
Image of a venus comb murex sea shell and fish bone structure, somehow both looks similar and may be an evolution sorts
Number 5:
Brain and cauli flower
Number six:
Microscopic image of a brain cell and structure of universe, somehow it made our team to think we live inside brain of some organism
Number seven :
Solar flare data diagram and Human Heart beat
Number 8 :
Eye of organism living in earth and Black hole of Universe
Number 9 :
Skin of animals and leaf of plants, like stitched cloth

Number 10:
Leg of elephant and palm tree root base