10 True Scary Unexplainable Stories (Vol. 59) Paranormal & Middle of Nowhere

The unexplained, why is it that we come back to these sorts of encounters? I know why, its because they are the most suspenseful. With that said welcome to episode 59 of scary stories. We are once again diving back into the audio experience with 10 more stories as experienced by people such as yourself. So I know what you are asking? What kinds of stories will we be hearing on todays episode? Well let preview some of them here.

One of stories has our characters exploring the world of the infamous Ouija board. What happens when a group of friends use the board in a dark and lonely attic? Well one things for sure, its not going to spell out milk and cookies. Hmm that sounds great right about now. It does however lead to a series of creepy paranormal events throughout the home.

Another one of our stories submitted talks of a man who goes camping in the deep woods. While camping out there with his dog he begins to experience strange activity. Things like lights and voices. After a night by the campfire he is shocked to find that his cabin has been being watched for the past couple of nights.

Finally we have a story about someone who stumbles upon a shack in the middle of nowhere. With a bunch of strange symbols drawn over it, they are surprised when they are soon interrupted by a mysterious skinwalker creature? Just what kind? You'll have to listen and find out.

So thats just some of what you will be hearing. Make sure to sit back, relax, put on those headphones, turn off those lights, and enjoy the narration.

If you enjoyed the narration in the video then make sure to stay tuned for there is more on the way for you to listen to.

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All stories featured on this channel are written specifically for this channel ONLY!!

I want to give a big thank you to my good friend Brianna for filming on todays video. She has been helping me out a great deal these past couple of weeks. I really enjoyed the candle footage she provided. Hey if you would like to have your own footage filmed for you, then make sure to send her an email. Or you can follow her on her instagram.



Confused on what you are watching? Well let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a narrator and voice actor who enjoys telling stories. These are stories that I collaborate with fans and friends in order to bring you a sort of audio adventure. Think of it like an audiobook, only that you are part of the stories as well. The visuals act as a bonus as you get lost in the storytelling. So I hope you enjoy.

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