10 Unexplained Events Caught on Camera

With the proliferation of recording devices all around us, it is only a matter of time before some unexplained events get caught on camera. Today, we unravel some of the most bizarre events caught on camera that has yet to be explained by anyone.
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➢10. Clowns Terrorising Neighbourhoods
For some reason, some people thought it would be a good idea to dress up as clowns and roam the streets in the middle of the night in San Joaquin’s Valley, California. Credit:
➢9. The Fresno Night Crawler
This video wouldn’t be complete without a dose of “aliens”, such as this Fresno night crawler, which appears to be a short creature in the shape of a pair of giant white trousers , walking around in Fresno County, California. Credit:
➢8. Alien Abduction
The sudden disappearance of a man as he exits a gate may not mean much but what happens if the camera malfunctions at the same time the man disappears? Credit:
➢7. Lars Mittank
Next time you think of getting into a bar fight, think of this man. Lars Mittank was in Bulgaria with his friends when he got into a fight with some other strangers while partying. Credit:
➢6. Gnome Sightings in South America
Well, one thing that could be worse than a video being filmed by a toaster is a video of a bloody gnome thats filmed by a toaster! This video is among one of the few bizarre sightings of the terrifying creatures thought to be purely mythical . Credit:
➢5. Qigong Master Creating Fire
If you thought that eastern practices were bullocks, think again. This Qi Gong Master who is a healer by day is apparently able to generate an incredible amout of energy, called Chi, from his own body. He likens his skills to that of an electric eel, claiming to he can harness positive and negative, ying-yang electric currents. Credit:

➢4. Kitchen Poltergeist
Homeowners sure do hate a poltergeist in their house, but not so much for this guy. YouTube user “mellowb1rd”, gladly films the havoc that his poltergeist wrecks in his house. Credit:

➢3. Screaming in Vacant Hotel Room
This video from security footage at a Wingate Hotel in Illinois showed a security guard walking alone into a vacant room where screaming was heard, only to find the shower on, carpet ripped up and furniture destroyed. Credit:
➢2. Giant Floating City
Parallel universe or a natural phenomenon? That was what thousands of people thought when a giant city appeared in the clouds, not once but twice in China. Scientists claim it was a Fata Morgana, which is hard to believe. Credit:
➢1. Elisa Lam
Probably the most peculiar video caught on tape was this young woman moments before her unexplained death in a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles. Credit:

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