10 Unexplained Explosions

6. Hospital Explosion
When an explained explosion happens especially in a country that’s had some terrorist attacks in the past, many people want to jump to conclusions. On July 7th, 2016 two explosions were heard at a hospital in Annonay, southern France. Thick, black smoke engulfed the buildings when a mysterious explosion went off during the sunny afternoon. Keep in mind, hospitals often carry oxygen tanks that are highly explosive. It’s believed that 2 gas cylinders randomly exploded. What makes this situation even more suspicious is that it happened only once week before the terrorist attacks in Nice, France making you wonder if there was a connection. These two cities really aren’t too far from each other, maybe only about a 3 hours drive.

5. Mengchangin Explosion
Unidentified objects fell from the sky in Mengchangin China in 2014 . Villagers here heard a loud, sudden eruption and then saw balls of fire, fall from the sky! Some strange debris fell on top of someone’s vegetable garden that could have really poked an out! Not knowing what to do, they took photos and notified authorities. Metal was scattered all over the place, some pieces weighing over 90 pounds. This town is located just south of Russia on the Far east side. Could the Russians be to blame? Some claim it was a Russian rocket that had exploded earlier that day, which seems to be the likely reason. But this has neither been confirmed nor denied by Russian officials.

4. Mars Mushroom Cloud
We’ve seen before how some mysterious images can pop up on Mars, from our strange images found on Mars video. This was captured actually be the Indian Mars orbiter, and has incited conspiracy theorists. What could this possibly be? Is it likely an explosion happened on Mars? What seems even more mysterious is that it holds the shape of a nuclear explosion. It’s possible if a comet or asteroid hit the surface of mars, it could create a cloud like this anyways. But lets think about the other possibility that we’re all thinking! We could imagine that aliens are possibly testing their weapons on Mars and if they had the advancements to make it to our solar system, they could definitely make some devastating weapons! Maybe they're just testing out a few things before the come to earth!? Who knows!

3. Underwater Explosion
A strange explosion took place in Joliette at 9am on July 31, 2016 again in France! Passengers were boarding a Ferry Boat that connected Marseilles with the island of Sardinia, when an explosion was heard. Remember this was only 17 days from the Bastille attack, so guards were on alert. So what caused the explosion this time? Reporters are saying it was actually from ammunition left on the sea bed during world war II. The type ammunition wasn’t clear, but many people panicked and feared for their lives! Bomb squad investigated the area. The cause of the explosion is still not 100 percent sure.

2. Giant Russian Craters!
Giant craters in Siberia seem to be littering the ground now and the reason why this is unknown is a little bit different. Researchers could probably and go find out the reasons why the ground is suddenly ripped to shreds on the Taimyr Peninsula, but they’d be risking their own lives! The scientific theorize of how these form, is that when the permafrost or frozen soil begins to heat up, it allows gas particles to rise and explode, making the land to collapse. But what’s most intriguing about these is that they always seem to form fairly perfect circles. They’re always round almost like some types of craters. Locals claim to see strange lights in the sky in this region as well and they’re theories certainly differ.

Tianjin Disaster
Certainly the most horrific mysterious explosion on this list was the Tianjin explosion that took place in China, 2015. This explosion killed over 170 people and it’s still been quite difficult to say what happened for sure. Two explosions occurred at about the same time, with the second one being much larger. The fires burnt out of control and it’s unknown exactly what chemicals were involved that caused such massive destruction. All that’s known is that there was about 3000 tons of hazardous chemicals being stored there. So when that stuff explodes it can’t be good. Here in this photo you can see the massive crater that was blasted out of the ground! Some claim this was a foreign attack on China, in an attempt to destroy a supercomputer with a top secret space weapon that the Chinese were working near the chemical plant. Others think it was a US strike against China after they threatened to sell off our debt. What do you believe?

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