Well hey there Supreme family! Welcome back to your favorite YouTube channel – Top Supreme! How’s it going today? I hope all is well, and before we get started with today’s episode I just want you to think – what is the weirdest thing you’ve seen in the sky, ever?! I’m today’s host Matty Willz – and today we’ll be discussing something pretty unique, with today’s title – 10 Unexplained Mysteries Caught Accidently in the Sky! Want to become part of the Supreme Team? Make sure to subscribe down below with notifications ON so you don’t miss anything we post each day! Let’s get rollin!

10 Sun Pillars

Stepping right into today’s video with the first clip of the day – lemme ask you something, how many of you have heard of a sun pillar? Oh yeah?? Not bad, not bad. Now, how many of you have actually seen them? Now I will admit, the first time I saw one of these things I definitely thought we were about to be visited by some aliens from another planet. But anyway, check this out. This is the infamous Sun Pillar, and apparently, they could technically pop up at any time, almost anywhere. So, the science behind these beautiful, fiery phenomena – is pretty simple! Whenever there’s an overabundance of ice crystals in the air, and the sun is in the perfect position to hit them just right – these sun pillars can form. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, I know! Now wait! Before you run and tell all your friends about what you just learned, please remember still have an entire episode to get through first!

9 Hidden Behind the Clouds

Alright moving things right along, as we dive into the next clip. Check this footage out, that was sent in to our Supreme team here without any explanations or anything, so I’m sorry but we’re not exactly sure where this video comes from. But judging by the foreign language I can pretty much rule out the United States. But check it out. This clip opens to a man who’s actually pulled over onto the side of the road of this busy street. He focuses his camera on the far clouds, and at first I was assuming that the story was indeed the clouds – as it kinda looks like a person’s face. But as the clip progressed, and the camera began to focus in – you can easily see what the cameraman was trying to capture. There, buried beneath the cloud is this object – what we’re calling, for a lack of a better term – a ufo. You see the flying machine sort of just hovering there behind the clouds, so what else could it be? If you know what this object is, or if you could translate any of the language used in this clip, please don’t forget to let us know before we move on.

8 Animal? UFO? Better Guess?

Ok ladies and gentlemen, moving right along into the next clip. This photo was taken by a man not too long ago in the United States. He says that he was just out trying to capture some good images of the sky, as the clouds had caused it to turn a variety of different colors. It wasn’t until later, when he was reviewing some of the images that he’d captured, before he noticed this thing, there, in the middle of the image you can see – what looks like some kind of UFO. Now, I have several different theories as to what we could be looking at, and I’m sure at least one of them is absolutely true. Well maybe not. Anyway, check it out. Is that an animal? Maybe the tail of something large? Or, is it a machine? Perhaps some kind of alien-controlled aircraft? I’m not really sure, however, if you have any idea what this could be – then please – don’t hesitate to drop us a comment and give us your best guess!

7 Fire Rainbows

Ok folks up next we have another, weird weather phenomena that occurs in the sky, and it’s one that you probably won’t see anytime soon! But check it out. This is called a fire rainbow – even though it literally has nothing to do with a rainbow, or a fire. It gets the name because of the way that it looks – almost as if there’s a fire in the sky that’s been bent and stretched like spilled paint on a canvas. Now, much like our sun pillars from the first clip of the day, this happens when sun or moonlight trickles down to the earth after being reflected and passed through tiny ice crystals in the sky. It’s pretty cool how there are so many different images that our world can create, isn’t it? Even things that happen pretty regularly throughout time – when we aren’t exposed to them.

6 Meteor over LA?
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10 Unexplained Mysteries Caught Accidentally In The Sky