11 TRUE SCARY & Disturbing Stick People Unexplained Stories

One of my STRANGEST videos yet! Stick people, like the ones a child draws on a piece of paper. What if, those creatures came to life and walked among us. Their have been accounts all over the Internet. Explaining the existence of these strange and mysterious creatures. Are they from another dimension? Another realm of existence? Are the aliens? Or are they ghosts taking some unique and disturbing form. Like the shadow people, no one seems to have an answer to what they things are and what they want with us. All we know is they walk amongst Mankind as travellers with some sort of purpose. They are almost silent creatures and they observe us in the most perverted ways.
Be prepared, these 11 stories are going to be weird.

Music Credits:
Peter B Helland (Dark Music World)
YouTube Audio Library
Myuuji Horror Composer