This compilation combines eerie stories from across 11 Slavic countries. They come from various social platforms which you can find below, as well as the narrator’s personal acquaintances.

Stories in order & Sources:

1. Bulgaria (00:16-04:08) M.Atanasova- in person, an acquaintance of the narrator
2. Ukraine (04:12-06:57) Igor Chumachenko –
3. Croatia (06:58-07:35) S.Idrizov – via Facebook (note: year calculations on the generations in this story were added by the narrator as a comment)
4. Croatia (07:38-09:13) Mladen Sosić- via Facebook (Note: voice-over has the name of the wrong holiday as ‘’The Annunciation to Virgin Mary’’ due to mistaking ‘Богоявление’/Epiphany for ‘Благовещение’ /The Annunciation to Virgin Mary’ )
5. Poland & former Czechoslovakia (09:16-09:52) B.Osika- via Facebook
6. Czechia (09:54-11:22) Praguestay website-
7. Serbia (11:23-17:10) submitted by Dima D.- via facebook (translated by Teodora Jovanović and Valentina Djordjević )
8. Belarus (17:12-18:17) –
9. Ukraine & Poland (18:09-20:53) Alexander Dovbush –
10. Macedonia (20:55-22:57) Anima Mundi-
11. Bulgaria (22:58-24:50) MagdaS –

Brief Vocals in intro: Bulgarian vox by g. attenborough
Ember and Sparks stock footage- Royalty Free

Video of fireplace- Video Footage 4 Free
Note: I own none of the above mentioned material.
The stories in a foreign language with no named translator have been translated by the narrator K. Kostadinova .
Artwork in video : ‘A Змеица woman killing a shepherd in his cottage’ by narrator K. Kostadinova

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