12 Mysterious Creatures

12 Strange animals or creatures caught on camera you won't believe the mysterious things that people actually got photos of!

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7. Unknown Creature
In April of 2015, this strange looking animal was discovered and captured by the Department of Drainage in China’s Shenzhen Reservoir. The footage was uploaded to YouTube and in it you can clearly see that this creature is in distress, trying to chew its way to freedom. Locals claim that this could be a mythical “water monster” while others speculate more rational thoughts such as the possibility of it being a Malaysian bear that is afflicted with alopecia. Alopecia is an incurable condition that causes one’s hair to fall out. Others suggest it looks this way because of pollution in the reservoir, though, no word on the creature’s identity.

6. Indonesian Bigfoot?
Back in October of this year, footage shot in the southeast Asian country of Indonesia shows what appears to be a large figure walk behind the waterfall in the background and disappearing. Like with all these mysterious creature sightings, the quality of the footage was very distorted and unclear but the figure can still be made out. Some conspiracy theorists are calling this thing the real deal and possibly bigfoot, which has only been “spotted” here in the US. Others are highly doubtful of this being anything but fake. Still, no one is quite sure what this thing could be. Definitely, not a bear, as with most bigfoot sightings are usually because large bears don’t live in Indonesia.

5. Strange Desert Creature
Footage of what appears to be a bizarre looking creature making its way through the Portuguese desert was uploaded to the internet back in July of this year and managed to gain an impressive number of views, 200,000 of them to be precise. In the video, you can see a bipedal creature walking on its two long legs and then disappearing behind a bush. The video then zooms out to show some nearby cars and human activity. Many of the locals claim that this video is nothing more than just fake due to the poor quality and that someone must have a little too much time on their hands. Others guess it might be the chupacabra. What do you all think?

4. Another Bigfoot?
It was sometime in 2015 when this video was filmed and it wasn’t until this year that the video was posted online under the Youtube channel named Bigfoot Encounters. Since it was posted more than a few months ago, it’s managed to attract over 700,000 views. The footage was shot by a man who put a GoPro on his dog’s back and let him wander in the forest. The clip is only around 13 seconds long and you can see a dark figure move past the screen as the dog turns its head. Based on the dog’s reaction, which there isn’t one, it’s safe to say that this “bigfoot” is probably just the dog’s owner walking ahead.

3. Tasmanian Tiger?
The Tasmanian tiger was an animal that once lived on the Australian mainland before becoming extinct there and all together sometime in the 20th century, 1936 was the year they were officially declared extinct. Ever since then, many people have believed that they’ve managed to capture a member of the long-dead species. The video that this image is from was captured by the Victorian Wildlife Research/Rescue. The long slender tail suggests it could potentially a Tasmanian tiger says experts but a researcher named Catherine Kemper from the South Australian Museum said this is extremely unlikely. Guess we'll just have to wait for more advancements in animal cloning.

2. Floating Light
This still image was taken from a video surveillance camera of a gas station in Peru that captured the following event that took place back in early September. In the two and a half minute video, you can see two men conversing with each other, while in the background there happens to be a strange orb of light that’s oddly shaped just floating towards the right further and further. One of them men notice it and eventually they try to go and get closer to it. As they do so, the video then ends. Some speculate this could be an alien, while others think it’s nothing more than a light fooling the two men.

1. Alien On Mars?
Do you all remember when that 6-inch skeleton found in the Atacama Desert in Chile sparked all those insane rumors that alien life forms had crashed landed here on earth? Well, apparently “alien investigators,” think that they found something that could be related to that incident. Earlier this year, these self-proclaimed alien sleuths, one of them going by the Youtube username Paranormal Crucible pointed out what appears to be an alien-looking creature peeking out from behind a rock in this image taken by NASA’s curiosity rover. However, NASA just claims its nothing more than an illusion but could that be to hide some decades-long government secret? Who knows?