13 Creepy and Unexplained Videos

We have collected the creepiest and most unexplained videos from YouTube and TV. You've been warned.

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8. Slenderman?

Creepy spider creature? Check. Slenderman look alike ? Check.

This video looks like an elaborate hoax, either way. It is SCARY ! If I saw this outside of my window in the dead of night I would probably have a heart attack.

Slenderman has been the fuel of nightmares for a long time now and just imagining that it could be real, and that he can take control of you and make you his slave makes me afraid to close my eyes.

7.The Grey Alien

The backstory behind this video is still highly contested. The source was never revealed because he was afraid for his life. It supposedly features an alien filmed at Area - 51. The big head and deep black eyes make it feel very real. The video was given to Mexican officials by the American Army in 1987, later on it was leaked for the whole world to see.

Do you want to believe? As much as our brains want to tell us videos like this are fake, there is a good portion of people who truly believe aliens exist. Both sides believe they are right.

6.The Elisa Lam elevator video

The Canadian student,Elisa Lam, was visiting Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles. This elevator footage is the last time anyone saw her alive. It was originally believed to be a hoax until guests of the hotel started complaining of awful tasting water.

When engineers went to investigate the water tank that was on the roof of the building they discovered the badly decomposing body of Elisa Lam floating in the drinking water.

This footage only raises more questions about her disappearance and death.

5. The Wyoming “Incident”

Similar to the Max Headroom Intrusion. The Wyoming “incident” was a hijacking of a local broadcast station.

The video featured lots of severed heads in different poses, quick camera changes, and “SPECIAL PRESENTATION” segments. The few residents who saw the whole video reported hallucinations, vomiting, distress and headaches. The sound tone in this video varies from 17hz to 19hz. It is speculated that these tonal vibrations cause the eyes to twitch and may lead to visual hallucinations.

It is not known whether or not this hijacking is real since there is no news sources covering it...

4. The New Jersey Roadblock

The fellow in this video was driving on a dark and empty road in New Jersey. His dashcam recorded the “roadblock” perfectly.

A random stranger had placed two construction cones in the middle of the road and politely asked the driver to stop. When the person who was driving saw that the stranger started pulling something from his waistband he slammed on the gas pedal and got away.

I can only imagine how many people did not decide to floor it and what their ultimate fate was. If you ever feel uneasy and creeped out by a person, just go, don’t give them the benefit of doubt !

3. No Through Road

Driving in rural parts of the country is creepy enough already. This is a 9 minute video that turns from people having a laugh, to people dying. The driver of the car is perplexed by the fact that no matter how much they drive, they always seem to end up in the same spot, going under the same bridge.

Then, something starts chasing them. Panic starts setting in until they finally make it back to a main road ! They are safe ! That is until they headlights turn on and off, and they are somehow still in front of the same old creepy bridge.

A tall man appears in front of the car and proceeds to kill all three passengers. The scene is nothing short of brutal.

2. The Binary Video

This video was found on a park bench somewhere in Spain. The person who uploaded it to youtube just thought it was strange. The video quickly went viral due to it being creepy as hell, and people started noticing a lot of subtle and not so subtle riddles, anagrams, and puzzles.

The GPS co-ordinates for the White House were discovered along with the Morse Code message stating “RED LIPSLIKE TENTH”. This is an anagram for “KILL THE PRESIDENT.”

That disturbing noise in the background is actually encoded pictures of gore and murder but they can only be accessed through some pretty advanced software.

Amateur detectives followed the clues and even found the place where the video was shot at ! It is some defunct sanatorium in Poland. This video has only been released for less than 1 year and there is still a lot of mystery surrounding it.


3 videos were uploaded to youtube 4 years ago with seemingly harmless titles, just like “Clip095.” What does it all mean? It is just a string of random scenes that are blurry, black & white and very disturbing. The creature that appears halfway through the video strangely resembles “The Joker” from the Batman Trilogy.

There is no articles about this video, no explanations given, no one knows what it means...