15 Mysterious Unexplained Events

The world is full of strange mysteries! Do you know the truth to any of these unexplained events? Here are 15 of the creepiest mysterious events ever.

7 - Nightmares are made of this…
At a particular road crossing in Devon, during the 1920’s – there was a number of fatal accidents. However, one particular night the one driver survived. Shaken, he explained to the police that a pair of rough, hands had wrenched the steering wheel from his hands, causing the accident. Again, the same story came about from a different driver, and a self-proclaimed psychic – driving the same road, said she also saw a pair of hairy hands outside her car window.

6 - Who was John Titor?
This story is very peculiar, and it happened in the year 2000. A man called John Titor posted a message on a little known internet discussion board. He claimed be a time traveler from 20136, and for about 4 months online, he answered many questions about time travel and even did a radio interview. He said he was heading back to 1975, making a stop in 2000 for personal reasons and then back home to 2036. He describes the time machine in detail and even offers drawings. He claims there was civil war in 2015 in the states, which killed millions of people, and now society was really back to basics. Growing one’s own food, reading, spending time with friends and family. To this day, no one knows who John Titor was or is.

5 - How boring life would be without a little mystery…
Wende Baiyun Lane came alive one night in 2013, in the Chinese city of Nanjing. From a crack in the pavement, came this oozing, white, smelly substance. What was it? Well that’s the thing, no one has the foggiest idea! It spread around 50 metres in radius, and the scene was evacuated. After a while, the ooze was washed away and it’s never returned!

4 - Turn the volume down…
I guarantee you, you don’t want to hear this song. A Hungarian named Reszo Seress was desperate to make it as a song writer in Paris. He didn’t impress anyone, and ended breaking up with his girlfriend, after she couldn’t take the insecurities of his life. Reszo was very unhappy, and one Sunday afternoon, December 1932, he looked out the window at the gloomy weather and said, “Yes, Gloomy Sunday! That will be the title of my new song" It was a very depressing song, yet one person agreed to publish it. After a few months, there were several reports of suicides, and the reason behind them? Those people couldn’t get the depressing song out their heads, and almost all of them wanted the song at their funerals. Eventually the world went to war and the song was forgotten.

3 - A real life Medusa
If you were to look at this object in real life – you would die. This was found in the basement at the Chernobyl nuclear plant. It’s a reactor core lava formation, also known as Elephants Foot. It weighs a hundred tonnes, although it’s only a couple meters wide. The picture was taken using a mirror, which was placed around the corner of the hallway. The camera they used to originally wheel in was ruined by radiation.

2 - The Black Knight Rises…
So the legend goes that there is a mysterious dark object, dating back from around 13 000 years ago, that orbits the earth. It’s referred to as the Black Knight, and has apparently been beaming certain signals towards the earth. However, no one has any idea what it is or what the purpose of it is. Some have suggested that’s it’s merely a thermal blanket hovering around in space, but that theory is much too boring!

1 - A follow up…
We featured this image of a what appears to be a man of modern times, standing in a photograph of 1941. However, it’s time to reveal the truth. That man is not time travelling, but it seems that everything about him was evident of the 1940’s.
Glasses with protective sides were available during that time, the camera was also available in the 1940’s and the shirt he is wearing, is a Montreal Maroons shirt, which was a hockey team around from 1924 – 1938.