25 UNEXPLAINED Miracles You’ll Find Hard To Believe

Many people have claimed to have witnessed unexplained miracles. Are these events supernatural acts from a higher being or are they something else? You be the judge. These are 25 unexplained miracles you’ll find hard to believe.

What would you do if you witnessed an event that seemed miraculous and supernatural? Would it freak you out or would you chuck it off to bad pizza? Take a look at some of the miracles people have claimed to see (and our photo credits and sources) and don’t forget to leave a comment on the video letting us know if you think these are real or fake:

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Some of the miracles on today’s list are hard to believe. Take the internally decapitated four-year old from Idaho. He survived the ordeal because his rescuer held his head in place rather than picking him up entirely. Then there’s Jan Grzebski who survived a 19-year coma. In 1963, A woman apparently died, came back to life, and proceeded to disclose everyone’s secrets. Are these supernatural events, made up events, or simply mistaken folklore of history? Some of these events may have perfect scientific explanations such as the miracle of the sun and the man who was cut in half. But what about the voice of Saint Clelia Barbieri or the miracle of our lady of Zeitoun. Can you explain these miracles? These are 25 unexplained miracles you’ll find hard to believe.

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