5 Extremely Creepy and Unexplained Videos

From an Unexplained figure Caught On Camera, to a very Cryptic video from an Unknown Origin.

Here are 5 extremely creepy and/or unexplained videos.

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Big thanks to Zero Fox FK (Kinect Figure)

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Number 1.
Figure caught on Kinect.
In 2013, this video was uploaded to YouTube by the user named Zero Fox FK. The uploader claims that he was home alone and had just got his xbox with kinect and filmed himself setting it up. What he caught on camera has shocked him to this day.

Number 2.
I feel fantastic.
I feel fantastic is a very eerie video that was first uploaded to YouTube in 2009. The female android doll named Tara, sings the words 'I feel fantastic, hey hey hey' over an over. The android, is moved into various positions during the video and for an unknown reason, the camera shows several seconds of the back yard. Rumour has it, the video was created by a serial killer, who used his female victims clothing to dress Tara. Once the victims would scream, Tara would begin to sing. Real or fake, the video is very creepy.

Number 3
Lost in the catacombs.
The catacombs of Paris, is an underground cemetery that is said to hold the remains of about six million people. This is footage that was found inside, and was filmed by a man that was exploring the catacombs, and got lost. As the video goes on we can see hear the man getting more and more scared as he moves deeper into the catacombs, he then starts running, as if something is chasing him. But was there something down there with him, or was his mind just playing tricks?

Number 4.
The cryptic video.
In 2015, GadgetZZ, a Swedish based tech blog, received a dvd from an unknown source that contained a 2 minute video and a menu screen. The video shows a person wearing a creepy mask, and is filled with many disturbing cryptic messages, ranging from Morse code to images embedded in the audio file itself. another hidden image shows this picture of a skull, and a quick frame shows coordinates that happen to be the location of the white house. Much effort has been put into this video which implies that it's very likely not a hoax.
But what is it for?

Number 5.
Elisa Lam
No unexplained list would be complete without this case. February 19th 2013, the body of 21 year old Elisa Lam was found in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil hotel in Los Angeles. Surveillance footage from the hotels elevator, shows the last time she was seen alive. we can see Elisa entering the elevator and looking distressed, she presses all of the buttons, pokes her head out of the elevator, and quickly moves back in, as if she is hiding from something or someone. Maintenance workers at the hotel only discovered her body due to a number of guests complained about foul tasting water. The autopsy report states that there were no signs of foul play and she had no drugs in her system. The doors to the rooftop were also locked and alarmed making this case even more of a mystery. There are many theory's as to what happened on that day, from the supernatural to her mental health, but what do you think?
Which video was the creepiest?
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