5 Mermaids Caught on Tape & Spotted in Real Life

From mysterious aquatic humanoid creatures to supposed mermaids spotted in freshwater lakes, this video takes a look at the top 5 mermaids caught on tape & spotted in real life. You won't believe what alleged mermaids have been caught on camera in bodies of water from around the world. Are mermaids merely mythology, or do they exist in real life?

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Mermaid Caught on Tape by Drone
(Hawai'i by G Man)

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Mermaids are thought to be the product of mythology, however some people think that real life mermaids exist within the world’s oceans. Today on ApexTV, we take a look at the top 5 real mermaids that have been caught on camera and spotted in real life. Number five. This video was taken by a drone off the coast of the big island in Hawaii. It shows what appears to be a mermaid swimming in deep water. Why would a human be swimming so far from the coast? Big thanks to G Man for letting us share this amazing video, be sure to check out his original video and leave some nice comments. Number four. This photo was taken by a diver in the northern United States. While diving in a murky lake, he took several pictures with a GoPro. While going through the photos, he noticed a strange, green tail behind him. The tail was unlike any fish. Could this be a real mermaid caught on camera? Thanks so much for watching our video of the top 5 mermaids caught on tape in real life. Be sure to subscribe to ApexTV for more videos like this!