5 Most Bizarre & Unexplained Videos on the Internet!

5 Most Bizarre & Unexplained Videos on the Internet 2016!


It should come as no surprise that there are millions of weird, creepy, and sometimes downright disturbing videos on the Internet. The internet after all is a treasure trove of these digital gems. So, buckle up, prepare and be ready because here are the 5 Most Bizarre Unexplained Videos on the Internet! Lets.....Begin!

1. The African Shaman Performing Levitation (

A German film crew documents an African shaman levitating in some kind of spiritu ritual. We’re not sure what to think about this one, except that it’s really bizarre and mysterious.... Here is the footage.

2. The Max Headroom Pirating Incident (

On a late-November evening in 1987, two Chicago television stations were victims of a broadcast signal intrusion.
After a brief intrusion during the sports report on WGN news, a later broadcast on channel 11 was interrupted by a man wearing a Max Headroom mask. The crazed person mumbles mostly gibberish throught the video, finishing it off by dropping his pants and getting spanked by what appears to be a child with a flyswatter. 90-seconds later, the program returned to normal. To this day, he has never been caught. Anyways, here is the footage of the occurance....

3. The Invisble Man (

The video you are about to see is taken by a dash camara of a car.The car in question moves into the fast lane and as the tape continues, you can see a jeep crossing overlane just in front of the car and then suddenly jams in the brakes as it appears to have hit a man that came out of absolute nowhere. You can see the wing mirror of the Jeep damaged, but no man was found on the ground. To this day, no one can explain this occurance. Take a look at the footage

4. Interview With Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer (

This bone chilling interview shows us a window into the mind of one of the most grisly serial killers in the history of the world. It rattles the nerves to see how relaxed Dahmer is during this interview; coming from a man who kept 12 of his 19 victims’ dismembered bodies as trophies in his apartment building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here is a small portion of the interview, and remember, the link to the full video will be in the description. Here it is....

5. Bananas Exploding on Face (

Here is a very unexplainable video. A video which consist of almost three minutes of a shirtless man with gunpowder-embedded bananas blowing up on his face. Some people say that he was auditioning for Slipknot. But thats just a theory and for you to judge, but I seriously doubt that I’m not inviting this person over to my house any time soon. Anyways, here is the footgate....

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