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When people disappear, the standard questions are often: What happened to them and Where did they go? But sometimes, there are disappearances that go way beyond that and the stories behind them can be scary and even seem outright impossible. These are the 5 Most Unexplained & Creepy Disappearances Ever.

5. Frederick McDonald

During the1920s Frederick McDonald was a prominent Australian politician. Initially a teacher, he rose to prominence and soon ended up becoming the representative for the Barton Labor Party in 1922, winning against the Nationalist Party candidate.

McDonald was part of the parliament for three years until he was defeated by a small margin in 1925 by Nationalist Candidate, Thomas Ley. He contested the results, admitting that Ley even tried to bribe him into quitting by offering him £2,000 dollars.

4. Granger Taylor

Granger Taylor stood 6'3". He was big and burly and considered by many to be a self-taught mechanical genius. Despite dropping out of school in the 8th grade, his aptitude for building various mechanical devices and restoring old machines was impressive. At14 years old, he created a fully functional one cylinder automobile. When he turned 17, he rebuilt an old bulldozer that other professional mechanics had already given up on. By his early 20s, he trekked through the deep woods to recover a locomotive that had been abandoned during the Depression. Despite its horrible state, he hauled the remains piece by piece back to his home and restored the train to its full glory in just two years. It was bought later on by the Province of Columbia and put in a museum. His fascination with machines grew and he then bought an old Kitty Hawk plane, restored it and sold it to a collector in Manitoba for $20,000. Always looking for a challenge, he set his sights onto creating a flying saucer.

3. Jim Thompson

Known as the "Thai Silk King," Jim Thompson revitalized the dead Thai silk industry into the now revered craft it is today. However, his reign ended when one day he went out for a walk and never came back.

Thompson was one of the most famous American millionaires living in Asia during the 1960s. He designed a traditional Thai house right in the middle of the city. He once studied architecture at Princeton so he combined his love for traditional Thai houses along with a modern aesthetic, creating a beautiful set of structures made from durable teak wood. His home was decorated with his extensive antiques collection and so today The home remains one of the most famous tourist attractions in Thailand.

2. Ray Gricar

Twelve years ago, district attorney of Centre County in Pennsylvania, Ray Gricar took a day off, went for a drive and never came back home.
Ray had served as DA for the county from 1985 to 2001 and During his tenure, he handled several well-known cases but the most famous was his involvement in the Jerry Sandusky case.
In his personal life, Ray was famously private. However, he was a charmer and known womanizer. He had been married and divorced twice and had an adopted daughter named Lara, with his first wife. At the time of his disappearance, he was living with his girlfriend, Patty Fornicola.

1. Diane Augat

On April 10, 1998, 40 year old Diane Augat was seen walking away from her home in Florida at around 11:00 AM. The next day she was walking along route U.S 19, and that was the last time anyone ever saw her.
On April 13, Diane called her mother's home but no one was there to pick up so it went to the answering machine. On the message, Diane could be heard seemingly struggling with someone trying to grab the phone away. She was heard saying, "Help, help, let me out." And then she was heard saying, "Hey, gimme that" right before the call ended. When the call was traced, it led to a business called Starlight but when her mother called back, no one answered.