5 SCARY and UNEXPLAINED things caught on tape in the WOODS

We look at five scary and unexplained things captured on tape in the woods. The woods are frightening enough without having seen these terrifying videos, now you'll never want to step foot in them again.

A Fire ghost or demon appears on a deserted track at night - a real demonic spirit or clever cgi?

Haunting ghostly noises are heard high in the wooded forest covered mountains - Ghosts, the end of the world , aliens or HARRP ?

Driving along a empty clear road in the pitch black when a something jumps out - just a falling tree or was it an attempt to stop the vehicle?

Loads of real missing person posters taped to trees in the middle of the woods with a nearby camp - sick joke or something much more sinister?

Camping in the woods is never the safest thing to do, but camping by an old abandoned cabin in the woods is frankly asking for strange and dangerous encounters - Stalked by a ghost , a monster or and alien? A simple Hoax? You decide.