5 Strange Disappearances in Vermont's Mysterious Bennington Triangle…

The 272-mile long ‘Long Trail’, which runs through the length of Vermont, passes over the peak of Glastenbury Mountain and is a mecca for hikers, who come to marvel over the breathtaking landscape........

It is a beautiful and slightly isolated region, that incorporates the ghost town of Glastenbury, which in the 1800s was a thriving centre for logging and charcoal production, but at the last count now has a population of just eight.

Yet this serene region is home to a series of bizarre disappearances that occurred between 1945-1950, none of which have been solved or sufficiently explained. This led local author and paranormal enthusiast, Joseph A. Citro to dub Bennington, and surrounding towns, including Somerset, Shaftesbury and Woodford, as ‘The Bennington Triangle’ and here are five mysterious and so far unexplained disappearances that occurred in the area.....

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