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5 Strangest Unexplained Natural Anomalies

Earth. Our home. Since the dawn of humans, we've always been fascinated by it. Curious to learn everything there is to know about how exactly it works. To this point we’ve gathered a lot of information, and now understand everything from how large weather patterns form, down to how the smallest microbe fits within it’s specific ecosystems. But every now and then, the Earth showcases a strange anomalie. These are 5 of the strangest unexplained natural anomalies.

5. The Oakville Blobs
On August 7, 1994, at 3 AM, something strange fell from the sky over Oakville, Washington.

While rain is common in these parts, residents in the area were surprised to discover that instead of water, what had fallen from the sky was a strange, clear, gelatinous like substance.

4. The Hessdalen Lights
Since the 1930’s the Hessdalen lights have been seen floating above or below the horizon line in the valley of Hessdalen in Norway. The lights flicker in bright yellow, white or even red shades and can last anywhere from just a few seconds to hours on end. Sometimes they erratically move at fast speeds, and other times simply sway slowly back and forth in one place.

The sky trumpets are a set of mysterious sounds heard from different places all around the world. They’ve been recorded in the United States, Canada, the Ukraine, Germany, Belarus and Austria. The sound mimics those that would come from a brass orchestra or a trumpet, but instead of coming from a stage, these seem to be coming directly from the sky.

2. The Patomskiy Crater
The local Yakut people called it "Fire Eagle Nest" but for geologist, Vadim Kolpakov, it would be a discovery that would baffle the entire scientific community.

The Patomskiy Crater is a huge mound made up of broken limestone blocks discovered by Kolpakov in 1949. It can be found in the remote Irkutsk earkusk region in Siberia and is estimated to be around 300 years old. It base is around 160 yards wide and the higher parts reach around 25 –stories tall

1. Spontaneous Human Combustion
While fires don't typically start without a source, there are instances where it can occur without one as long as circumstances are ideal. For example, piles of compost, oily rags and even coal dust can all self-ignite even without an open flame.

What makes spontaneous human combustion so mysterious is that instead of inanimate objects lighting on fire, it’s humans.