5 supernatural and unexplained events caught on tape

5 supernatural and unexplained events caught on tape is a collection most realistic supernatural videos that's caught on camera.The supernatural includes all that cannot be explained by science or the laws of nature, including paranormal and psychic experiences things characteristic of common unexplained phenomena or relating to ghosts, gods,or other supernatural beings, or to things beyond nature. Science is powerful, but there is much it can’t explain. And when people see, hear or believe something that is not explained, in this video we collect 5 supernatural and unexplained events caught on tape that is that cannot be explained by science or the laws nature. And in this 5 collection of videos some are really strange and unexplained events and weird real-Life events that is really Supernatural and Spooky Events also footage of paranormal activity caught on tape included, and some are really Creepy and terrifying Things that's ghost or unknown entity attacked people and nobody can't explained it and that's real unknown supernatural phenomena and unexplained paranormal phenomenon and real mysteries.

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5. Man hit to An unseen object.

4. Humanoid figure seen in the sun south africa.
That was shown on april 20. 2011. According To the witness people it was appearance of Virgin Mary.

3. Unexplained LED Type Circle Of Bright Light Flash
People witnessing this said they don't see anything that was generating the light.

2. Woman pushed to the floor by a GHOST or unknown entity.
A woman called Cecilia Carrasco, from Santiago, Chile, claims to have been pushed to the floor by a ghost. It was caught on cctv camera, which was shown on a local TV report. Local parapsychologist Rodolfo Orozco said : 'It certainly seems as if something supernatural happened. But they were unable to explain the video.

1. People attacked by a powerful unknown entity

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