5 Unexplained Disappearances Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

5 Unexplained Disappearances Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


Sometimes, a picture can express a thousand words. They can even help solve crimes. Using the clues and times listed on surveillance videos, sometimes police and special investigators can help determine what happened to a person in the event of foul play. But sometimes there’s just no explanation. Here are five individuals who disappeared on tape, and were never seen again.Let’s begin…

5. Brian Shaffer

Brian was a second year med student at Ohio University. He had a very stable relationship with his family, along with his long term girlfriend. In April of 2006, Brian made arrangements to go to the Ugly Tuna Saloona near campus. The Ugly Tuna is an second story bar, and has a surveillance camera facing the single entrance and exit to the saloon. On the video, Brian and two of his friends are clearly seen entering the bar. A few hours later, Brian is seen saying goodbye to his friends as they are seen leaving the bar down the escalator. Brian is witnessed one more time, as he says goodbye to two women as the exit the bar. Brian is seen returning into the bar a few moments later.

4. Kayelyn Louder

A couple of years ago, Kayelyn was home alone in her condo in Murray, Utah, when she became convinced that somebody had broken into her home. She contacted the police, and was heard threatening somebody while on the line. However, when police arrived on the scene, no trace of an intrusion was discovered. A few days later the 30 year old went missing without a trace. She was last seen on the surveillance footage of her condo complex, walking barefoot outside with her dog. In the video, Kayelyn is seen as if she is having a one sided conversation, either with her dog or with someone who isn’t there.

3. Steven Koecher

In April of 2009, Steven quit his job in Salt Lake City and moved to St. George, Utah. Steven struggled to find a new opportunity, and on December 12 of that year, Steven called two of his friends and told them he was on his way to Las Vegas. When Steven failed to return his family’s phone calls the following day, they grew worried. Video surveillance videos showed that Steven had driven to an upscale neighborhood, and had parked his car. He was seen crossing the street and walking out of sight into the neighborhood. Steven was officially declared missing on December 14, 2009.

2. Amy Joan Fry-Pitzen

On May 11, 2011, the Illinois police played a most unusual game of cat and mouse with a woman named Amy Fry-Pitzen and her son, Timmothy. Amy arrived at her son’s school and removed him from Kindergarten early. Then, the mother-son duo began a three day road trip, traveling from water park to water park. They were seen checking into and leaving various hotels in the state, seemingly without a care in the world. After a day of traveling, Amy checked in with her parents to let the know that she and Timmothy were okay. Amy ignored the frantic phone calls from her husband, despite the fact that they had officially been declared missing. On the following day, Amy was seen entering a Family Dollar without her son. When she checked into yet another hotel that night, she was found by the maid the following morning.

1. Lars Mittank

Lars was a young man who decided to travel from his hometown in Germany to Bulgaria with some friends. They wanted to go out and about and have a good weekend there. The year was 2014, and Lars and his friends went to a bar shortly their plane arrived. The group got into an intense argument about soccer, and a few punches wound up being thrown. Lars suffered from a ruptured ear drum as a result, and was told he would not be allowed to fly. Lars insisted that his friends return to Germany without him, as he would be staying overnight for treatment.Lars was put on an antibiotic and checked himself into a nearby hotel. That night Lars called his mother and told her that he did not feel at all safe in the hotel room where he was. German man in Bulgaria with friends for the weekend. The following morning, airport security surveillance footage showed Lars walking into the medical center at the airport with all of his luggage.

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