5 Unexplained Mysteries From Nature

In this list, I'll be showing you 5 Unexplained Phenomena From Nature

5) Star Jelly

Star Jelly is a translucent jelly-like material that's been found on the ground.
It usually evaporates soon after its found and many say they have witnessed it falling from the sky.
No one actually knows what it is or what causes it.
Some believe it comes from space and therefore could be some kind of alien goo, other says its secret government stuff.
What we do know is that it doesn't contain any plant or animal DNA so it cant be a jelly left by some animal or plants.

4) Cities In The Sky

On the 21st of April 2017, citizens in China were left shocked when they saw a floating city above the clouds.
Numerous images and videos of the event have been uploaded online.
This mystery has left many to spark theories ranging from alien invasions to portals into another dimension.
However, these floating cities have been recorded a few times before in China.
The exact cause of these floating cities are unknown but many would agree it's some kind of optical illusion created by natural weather events.
Whatever it is, this really is one of the most amazing unexplained events in recent times.

3) Raining Spiders

On some very rare occasions, people have witnessed animals falling from the sky.
Some have seen spiders, others have even reported frogs and fish.
While the idea of spiders raining from the sky sounds like fiction, this actually has happened before.
The most common theory is that these small insects and animals have been sucked up by waterspouts or tornadoes then dropped back to the ground.
However, while this sounds plausible there have been occasions where this has happened but no waterspouts or tornadoes have been recorded nearby.

2) Morning Glory Clouds

While normal clouds are certainly not unexplained these morning glory clouds are.
They are mostly found in Australia during the transition from the dry to wet season.
They can reach lengths of over 600 miles and are tube-shaped.
The Aboriginal people say the morning glory clouds are an omen predicting an increase in the bird population.
Climate scientists believe they are formed by the unique blend of sea breezes and humidity changes.
However, computer models haven't yet been able to accurately predict this odd weather event.

1) The Taos Hum

The town of Taos in New Mexico is known for its artist community as well as several celebrities who have lived there.
However its probably best known for a strange hum that only 2% of the population can hear.
Everyone who does hear this hum explains it differently and its never actually been picked up by any recording equipment.
While we could easily say the hum just doesn't exist, the people who do hear it are adamant its there.
Many theories have been put out there for the humming noise, most of which are based on government experiments and aliens.
Until this noise can actually be detected and recorded we will never know what it is, that's if it even exists.

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