A Real Alien book?! – Voynich Manuscript – World's most mysterious book STILL unexplained by experts

The books' "code" can't be cracked, the language can't be identified, read, or interpreted by any experts and nobody really knows what it is or who made it to this day!

The Voynich Manuscript is still unexplained to this very day.

It's REAL and has been studied by experts. It is owned by Yale University and can be viewed in it's entirety right here:

Is it all a hoax, a fake book of spells, potion, or alchemy? Something to do with religion, the supernatural, or astrology? Is it an elaborate uncracked code - maybe for a secret society? Is it something even more mysterious? Something alien or a lost language. Something truly beyond or lost to our understanding.

No one knows, and many scholars and experts have tried to crack this. This remains one of the, if not the most mysterious books in the World!