alien 3000 MONSTER 5 PACK

alien 3000 MONSTER 5 PACK cult horror films for the price of one low price - unseen evil -alien 3000- empire of the apes- deadly culture- things 1995
aka unseen evil
A group of hikers led by a college professor are searching the woods for an ancient Indian burial mound. When they discover a likely site, three members of the group reveal themselves to be grave looters, and tie up the others so they can keep the valuable artefacts for themselves. In the course of ransacking the mound, one of them stumbles across a cursed crown that unleashes the mound's guardian: an invisible monster that begins attacking everyone it finds. Will anyone make it back to civilization alive?
Stars: Richard Hatch, Tim Thomerson, Cindi Braun
Director: Jay Woelfel
alien 3000 aka Unseen Evil 2 aka alien invader
After a series of brutal, unexplained murders in a remote forest, a rogue military unit is recruited to hunt for whoever - or whatever - has rendered the attacks. In order to carry out the investigation, they need the help of the only survivor, Kate. But first they have to get her released from the mental institution she's been confined to since the horrific attack.
Director: Jeff Leroy (women in a werewolf prison)
Writers: Garrett Clancy, Scott Spears (characters)
Stars: Lorenzo Lamas (Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (TV Movie) , Priscilla Barnes{ devil rejects), Corbin
deadly culture
Cancer has consumed the life of young and beautiful woman, Natasha Kimmont. As she makes peace with the concept of death, she is offered a second chance at life. Natasha is given a secret experimental surgery that unfortunately transforms her into a horrific blood-thirsty creature, and her second chance…
empire of the apes as shown on sci fi channel
In a distant galaxy three escaped female convicts crash land on a primitive world inhabited by a race of warlike apes. They fight for survival as the humanoid apes fight for their possession, body and soul. A daring escape is their only way out. Hot on their heels are the blood lusting gorillas and a prison warden bent on their return to the prison ship they escaped from. Treachery, alliances and battle await the fighting factions. Who will survive on a planet where apes rule and humans are only breeding stock.
Stars: James Carolus, Elizabeth V. Costanzo, Marie DeLorenzo
Director: Mark Polonia
Writer: Mark Polonia
producer David sterling
things 1995 Creatures Created by the Evils of Men!
In "The Wrap-Around Story", after a man leaves his mistress in their motel room, his wife sneaks in with a gun and ties the mistress up and forces the mistress to listen to two stories and critique them. The first is "The Box," and involves three hookers arriving in a mining town to move into a theater they bought to be their whorehouse. The town's mayor is upset, as he governs all the morals in the town. He has a box with a "thing" in it that people are afraid of: bad news for the hookers. The second is "Thing in a Jar," in which a woman keeps having vivid nightmares and visions of her husband mutilating her. She has a friend who encourages her to leave her husband, but it may not be that easy.

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