Alien Abductees Escape From Unexplained UFO Reptilian Prison Spaceship With This Film & Artifacts

This is one of the Reptilian Prison Ships where they keep beings from different planet to experiment
They want to modify all species to be Reptilian subspecies
But today Reptilians made a grave mistake
Except Humans & Grays they captured Nordic blond alien from Orion
& Orions are coming to free her
Orions begin an assault on Reptioloid Space Prison
Reptilians won't stand a chance but they have a secret weapon on board of the ship
Final line of Reptilian defense - Mind control alien has to be neutralized before it activated
Human female snatched alien weapon and killed Reptilian monster
Orions found their abducted crew member
They also gave human female ride back to Earth
Except marks of Reptilian experiments
She brought something else to Earth from spaceship
Quantum processor of time machine
We are in process of building it. And the next month we shall be able to reveal Earth future to all of you