The trouble with history is that it’s only as good as the people who write it down. Thus, we know relatively little about ancient history because written languages didn’t exist for a while. With that in mind, here are some ancient discoveries we still can’t explain.

The Saqqara Bird was discovered in 1898 in a tomb in Saqqara, Egypt. It’s roughly 2,200 years old and it looks like an airplane with a bird’s head. Also, papyrus documents found near the artifact contain the phrase “I want to fly.” That’s led some people to hypothesize that the Saqqara Bird is actually a model of a literal airplane that the ancient Egyptians either built themselves or saw someone else fly. And in fact, a couple of people have tested working replicas of the Saqqara Bird and say that it would’ve been capable of generating lift.

Sometimes these little projects kind of just prove what everyone wants them to prove, though, and not every reproduction of the Saqqara bird has had similarly impressive results. In 2002, a glider designer named Martin Gregorie made a working model of the Saqqara Bird. It demonstrated that in order to fly the bird would’ve needed a tail wing stabilizer, which was missing on the original model. Even with that addition it was still not particularly aerodynamic. That would lend weight to the theory that the Saqqara bird was just a toy that coincidentally happened to resemble an airplane.

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Ancient Discoveries That Nobody Can Explain