Bashar :: The Five Levels of Mastery – Highlights

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Willa Hillacrissing comes through and describes The Five Levels of Mastery: Cryptic, Nocturnal, Shapeshifter, Sage, and Wraith. Willa and Bashar discuss in-depth the specific symbols, energy states, and explorations involved in her mystery school training. Bashar and Willa answer your questions.

Q & A includes: Could you tell us more about “The Divinorum”? How can I balance my heart and my mind? What is the easiest and quickest way to raise my frequency? What is the process of getting rid of our negative beliefs? I saw a vision of you as a fish. Was it accurate? I have a fear of being judged. How can I address my anxiety? How can I make friends with death? What if I have too many excitements among parallel realities and be grounded? I am achieving many exciting things in my career but the financial abundance is not coming, what can I do? How can I help my nephew who is addicted to drugs? What is the race of our hybrid children called? Do the children connect with the beings you are describing in the ships above earth? Can other beings see through our eyes? And Much more…

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