Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings

I made this documentary for my company Redstar Films in 2007. It documents the ten best UFO cases in history, as voted by some of the world's top UFO experts. The film features Stanton Friedman, Mac Tonnies, Don Ledger, Nick Pope, Bruce Maccabee, Col. Charles Halt, Brad Sparks. It originally aired on Space in Canada, and TVNZ in New Zealand - I'm happy to be presenting the complete original version on-line for the first time (a new, enhanced version is in the works this year).

Written, Produced and Directed by Paul Kimball.

(c) Redstar Films Limited 2007 - but feel free to share far and wide!!

Praise for Best Evidence:

"Certainly one of the best documentaries of the past few years... well done!"
- Stanton T. Friedman

"Canadian director/producer Paul Kimball is a man who knows ufology. Indeed, one could hardly think of a better person to produce a definitive documentary about the best UFO sightings to this point. Well, happy times are here, because Kimball has recently completed exactly that: Best Evidence: Top Ten UFO Sightings."
- Greg Taylor, The Daily Grail

"The ten cases you present are truly stunning. I can't imagine anyone watching this would not be left thinking: what the hell is going on? Why isn't anyone studying this? You've done a truly excellent job! Though I was familiar with most of these cases, you managed to even astonish me."
- Patrick Huyghe, The Anomalist

"Here at last is a documentary produced not only by someone who knows what he's talking about but who has also delivered a fact-driven, objective piece of work featuring people who also know what they're talking about. Simple, clear, unsensational, to the point; an outstanding piece of work and a piece of work we can use to point others to as a perfect example of what the subject of UAPs/UFOs is all about."
- Stuart Miller, UFO Review

"An excellent, thought-provoking and illuminating study of some of the most profound UFO cases on record.... A true breath of fresh air in the field of UFO documentaries."
- Nick Redfern, UFO Mystic

"A magnificent documentary. It picked out the cases as put forth by people who basically vetted them all out and looked at them and said, 'okay, here you go, here's the top cases.' That's what needs to be done... It was perfect. It was absolutely perfect."
- Dave Furlotte, Strange Days... Indeed

"Paul Kimball has raised the bar, decidedly, on what constitutes a competent film documentary about UFOs, and he has produced a work at once wonderfully convincing and thoroughly authoritative... indeed as interesting as it is compelling in every conceivable way."
- Alfred Lehmberg, UFO Magazine

"Best Evidence is the one to show your friends who can’t understand why anyone would take the UFO subject seriously."
- Greg Bishop, Radio Misterioso

"It's very concise, and it's very slick, and it's very well done, and it should be on the Sci-Fi Channel and on DVD... You can rest assured that if you're going to plunk your hard-earned dollars down for a documentary that Best Evidence is the one to buy."
- Jeremy Vaeni, Culture of Contact

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