Best UFO Sightings Of November And December 2018

UFO sightings are increasing every month and more people are starting to be aware of the UFO Phenomenon. People don't have high quality cameras but they still capture something that is not easily explained and possible capture something that is out of this world. I hope you guys enjoy the best UFO Sightings Of November and December 2018!

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Swamp Gas Pt.2 (Rework) by Planet Boelex:

Galaxy Black by Planet Boelex:

Planet Boelex & Mosaik - Space Walrus:


Videos used are listed below In Order:

St Helens woman reports UFO sightings:

UFO Over Westlake Village, CA 2018:

Watch from 3.00 mins..mysterious lights in the sky during electrical storm:

MUFON CASE : 96115 Florence, Italy ( November 3, 2018 )

MUFON CASE : 96117 Angleton, TX, US ( November 3, 2018 )

UFo sighting over portugal:

UFO sightings over phoenix Arizona:

UFO Falls From Sky Over Nice, France ( November 23, 2018 ):

ufo sighting adamson oklahoma:

Ufo's caught on video! Using an full spectrum camera and an ir pass filter! 11/29/18:

UFO Objeto não identificado - visitantes de outro planeta:

Ovni flying in Philipinas:

Fenómeno ovni en Vélez Santander:

UFO in Munich:

2018 UFO sightings in Hong Kong Central caught on camera ! 19 November 20:08pm:

Ufo lights? Must Watch!😯:

UFOs Sighted Over Salado, Texas:

Apparition d OVNIS dans le ciel ! !!:

Ovni en Montserrat: Manresa(España):

Oof an UFO in Brownsville,Texas:

legit ufo sighting over Hollywood hills:

UFO Sighted Over Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ( December 2, 2018 ):

MUFON CASE : 97293 Reno, NV, US ( December 12, 2018 )

UFO sighting Phoenix AZ :

UFO spotting on Beech Daly Redford Michigan part(1) 10/9/18:

December 2018 . These light orbs suddenly appeared following a large group meditation at Giant Rock, in the Mojave desert.:


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