Best Unexplained 30 Close Up Utra HD Alien UFO Shapeship Caught on Camera Compilation

We run all though Adobe CGI filter and they all are legit flying UFOs & that's incredible.
If u can explain any of these mind blowing objects, please, comment
1. Shape Shifter UFO in Canada
2. Hawaii Flying Saucer
2. Same Hawaii Saucer filmed from the shore
3. UFO in Texas seen circling for hours
4. Same UFO caught by local news team
5. Baja UFO
6. Same Baja UFO when it flew closer
7. Colorado Twister Sucking UFO
8. Texas Flying Triangle
9. Same Texas Flying Triangle closer look
10. Nevada Flying Saucer
11. Same UFO was seen by hundreds
12. This is the closest shot of it
13. San Francisco UFO
14. Same UFO was seen in different states
15. Including Canada
16. Great lakes UFO
17. Same UFO was seen in Sweden
18. Black sea UFO
19. New Mexico sky distortion
20. Arizona sky distortion
21. Russia sky distortion
22. Russia flying man that transformed into spaceship
23. Italian hole in the sky
24. African flying cube
25. Another African UFO
26. Hundreds across US reported seeing plane that was not flying like plane
27. But rather transforming itself into odd triangle
28. That UFO was filmed up close too
30. Reno shape shifting UFO
31. Same UFO from different angle
32. Grand Canyon UFO
34. Mexico Angel UFO
35. Argentina UFO
36. Nevada UFO
37. Nevada UFO from different camera
38. Russia alien spaceship
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