Check out the BIGGEST Mysteries Science STILL Can’t Explain! From mysterious unexplained events to bizarre discoveries that baffle scientists, this top 10 list of unsolved mysteries of the world will amaze you!

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8. Taos Hum
For many people living in Taos, New Mexico, there is something weird in the air! A weird buzzing sound that can be heard by only 2% of the people who live or visit there. This is known as the Taos Hum, and depending on who you talk to, you’ll get different answers to the question, “What did it sound like?”

7. Before The Big Bang
The Big Bang is what most scientists feel is the true explanation for how our universe was created. Not only that though, this rapid expansion of matter and life is also the reason that the universe is expanding at a certain rate. However, upon “rewinding the clock”, scientists hit a problem, because no one is able to say or even theorize what came before that.

6. The Science Of Sleeping
The human body holds many mysteries, but one that scientists can’t quite put their finger on is that of sleep. Not the act of it, or even the need for it per se, but rather, why do humans need to sleep at all?

5.Humpback Whale Supergroups
Humpback Whales have been studied extensively but reports of “supergroups” of Humpback Whales are stumping scientists all over the world. These whales have long been known to exist either on their own, or in groups of no more than seven. They are usually independent creatures, and they prefer it that way, even having a “loner” nature.

4. Where Are the Aliens?
“Are we alone in the universe?” is a question that many people on Earth want answered, and yet, despite numerous conspiracy theories and beliefs that aliens are already among us, there is no definitive proof that there is life outside of Earth. Which begs another question, “Where are the aliens?”

3. How Were The Pyramids Made?
Egypt stands as one of the greatest nations to ever live, mainly because of their long and storied history in the world. The nation of Egypt gave the world a lot, including one of its greatest mysteries, the birth of the Pyramids.

2. Could We All Get Superpowers?
There’s a lot of untapped potential within the human body, that much is known. And people work hard to bring out that potential, such as working out to get stronger, studying to get smarter, or training to get more skilled. But, what if we could push beyond that? What if, we could push ourselves so far that we have superpowers?

1. Right Versus Left
What is your dominant hand? If you’re right-handed, you are in the majority of people on Earth, but if you’re left-handed, you’re in the minority by a pretty large margin. But that begins the question, why are some people left-handed? What makes the body favor one side for “dominance”?



BIGGEST Mysteries Science STILL Can't Explain!