Biggest Unexplained Mysteries From Around The World

From missing people on cruise ships to the possibility of elvis still being out there here are the biggest unexplained mysteries from around the world.

13. The Most Missing Man in America.
After getting this nickname, it has sparked the whereabouts on the mysterious situation. The missing US Supreme court, Joseph Crater, seemingly dropped out of sight from his home in Manhattan after having dinner with a showgirl. His documents were destroyed, 5000 dollars were withdrawn. Did he simply want to disappear or was he a victim of kidnapping? A woman claimed that he had left a handwritten note, claiming that the police and several different people killed him and buried him near Coney Island.

12. Princess Diana
Princess Diana tragically lost her life in August of 1997 and many still feel as though there is much mystery surrounding her downfall.The night diana’s car crashed, the traffic cameras mysteriously weren’t working. Right before the accident took place, Diana was about to get married to someone lacking royal blood you can say. An egyptian man named Dodi Fayed
, despite there being pressure for her to marry the future king Prince William. There were also some rumors swirling around that she was pregnant on top of it. A man named Paul Barrel, the coroner, was ordered to give up a letter where Princess Diana had predicted her demise and there was a plot to assassinate her. She also claimed that if she ended up in the accident, it would likely be in the hands of MI6, which is the English secret intelligence service. The father of the man Henri Paul, the driver of the car, still holds firm to his belief that his son was collateral damage in a plot agaist the princess. What do you believe

11.Cruise Ship Disappearances
Over 250 people have gone missing while going on cruise ships in the past 10 years and many other shocking disappearances happened well before the past decade. One notable case is that of Amy, a 23 year old American woman. She Went missing during a cruise in the Caribbean in 1998. Before the ship was docked in Curacao, Amy’s parents noticed she vanished while she was on the deck. She was last seen running from the boat barefoot. There seems to be something about the mix of being in international water, large amounts of alcohol and being out in the open sea. Overboard systems that detect anyone falling overboard are still in the testing phase. It might be easy to believe that most of the people that get lost are simply rowdy tourists who’ve lost the rest of the group. But that’s not always the case since some cruise employees also turn up missing from time to time.

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