Bittersweet Indigo

Bittersweet Indigo
a lament for Jeans

A film by Irene Schweizer in cooperation with Niccolo Di Guida and Elia Pittini.
Choreographer: Kilian Haselbeck
Dancers: Baptiste Sandere, Ana Portela, Leonora Barbieri, Irene Belfi, Bas Van der Stap
Camera: Niccolo Di Guida, Guido Jeurissen and Lawrence Lee
Music: Murcof - Una
Editing/Color: Irene Schweizer, Elia Pittini

The coloring process of indigo once a mystery of the art of coloring is today it is responsible for the chemical poisoning of planet earth. Factory workers in the jeans industry have the indigo blue tattooed in their skin for ever visible. Enormously absurd is the process of stone washing and sandblasting to make a brand new jeans look worn out. For this fashion trend the textiles are washed in huge rotating drums filled with stones or the clothes get sandblasted. While both processes are unpleasant and dangerous for the factory workers, is sandblasting the most exhausted one. After a few years working in a sandblasting section the workers become diseased with silikose caused by the dust in the lung. The illness turns their live into a grueling waiting until death relies them from pain and suffer.

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