Hold the phones; get Mulder and Scully. These UFO and alien encounters are crazy enough to have been featured on the X-files, except they’re totally real. From simple sightings to being forced to get freaky, we are proud to bring you Bizarre and Unexplained UFO Encounters. Hold onto your seats because you’re about to be taken on a ride that’s out of this world.

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5. Levelland, TX
So this here story wasn’t believed by the sheriff at the time it was reported, but it got a second look after multiple reports of the same thing began happening all around the Levelland, TX area. In 1957, two men drove upon a blue flash of light near the road, which subsequently passed above them, causing their truck to die and one of the men to hit the dirt. A sound that sounded like thunder ensued as a rocket-shaped vehicle sped by overhead and then the truck came back to life. The officer who took the call blew it off as a prank, but like we already said, he began receiving calls from people with similar stories all over the area, and so had to take it seriously, at least a little. The story has never been explained and has become a national mystery. An early case of police discrimination? We think so!

Footage of what appears to be a UFO over Bracknell in Berkshire surfaced in 2017 which left more questions than answers. Bob Wise, a resident in Bracknell, recorded the incident using his phone and said it occurred around noon on a hot and sunny day. He says the object he spotted was stationary at first but began pulsing and getting brighter. He didn’t immediately chalk it up to being a UFO; initially, he thought it might be some experimental military aircraft, but changed his mind when he noticed the craft was spherical while editing the footage. He also said that the flashing of the object reminds him of the effect produced when burning magnesium back in school. Wise claims that the footage he shot is genuine and untouched and sort of alluded to the fact that it was no surprise to see an aircraft he didn’t recognize in the area; Bracknell has become infamous for its ufos in recent years. It’s pretty much old hat, isn’t it, Wise?

3. McMinnville Photographs
A long time ago, like on May 11, 1950, a woman named Evelyn Trent was feeding her rabbits when she noticed a strange, unexplainable, hovering saucer floating above her farm and notified her husband. Her husband, Paul, ran inside and grabbed his 35mm camera in hopes of capturing the craft on film, which he did, and that’s what you see here. Paul was able to get two decent-quality photographs of the saucer, and they’ve become some of the most famous UFO photos of all time. The craft then bolted away to the west, leaving behind not a trace. Scared that he had inadvertently taken pictures of a secret military craft, Paul kept the photos to himself, that is until he couldn’t help but blab to the local banker who decided to display them in the bank’s window. After that the story was picked up, stories were run in newspapers and magazines, and the rest is history. Many skeptics still believe it’s a hoax but who’s to say there weren’t really aliens just chillin’ and watching Evelyn feed her rabbits? We all watch weirder stuff on YouTube all the time.

2. Travis Walton
If you haven’t heard about this incident, then you probably don’t know much about ufos. Let us learn you some knowledge, mmkay? First off, the year was 1975, and six forestry workers were riding in a truck while out doing things that logger-types do when they came across a saucer-shaped object hovering off the ground nearby. Travis Walton jumped off the truck and approached the craft, probably in some show of manliness for his friends, and got himself knocked on his butt. His scaredy-cat friends took off, leaving him behind, but they then decided to return to retrieve their fearless leader only to not to find him where they left him. Walton claims he woke up in what resembled a hospital where he was observed by three short, bald creatures. They left, and a helmeted being took him to another room where more people put a mask on his face, causing him to pass out. He reappeared in our world five days after disappearing in a town miles from where he had been taken and was picked up at a gas station. He and all of his friends passed a lie detector test regarding the incident, and all of them stick to their stories to this day. Either it was aliens, or it was acid, man.