Clear Your DNA Patterns!

Here are some Symptoms of Generational Issues:

♣ You are doing “everything” you are supposed to do to be successful, but it seems to slip through your fingers – meaning, you don’t get that promotion, you didn’t get that client, you keep running into people that say they want to work with you, but “can’t afford it.”
♣ When you do build up any substantial amounts of wealth – your health takes the hit and you lose it. This can look like a cascade of issues – health issues followed by divorce, foreclosure on your home, etc.
♣ You Have Sudden Unexplainable Losses that has nothing to do with the economy
♣ You or your family has repetitive patterns – such as women getting involved with abusive or alcoholic partners and you never seen it coming
♣ Sexual abuse of the children by a certain age
♣ Unusual jealousy from others that doesn’t make sense
♣ Bizarre “hauntings” seem to follow you or family members
Your family has a history of having extremely “rare” diseases that show up out of no where
♣ Wacky things start happening at work, home or other – especially after receiving gifts from others
♣ You suddenly feel like someone is watching you
♣ You have unexplained anxiety, depression or phobias for no apparent reason
♣ You’ve tried other means and had no success
♣ You feel powerless, hopeless and you don’t know if your circumstances will over change
♣ A deep feeling of loneness and isolation even when you are with others
♣ And so on…

There Is Hope and You Can Recover from This!

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