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Heads up! One of the films we covered in our video (The Mothman of Point Pleasant), can be viewed for free via Amazon Prime:

There’s no shortage of horror films in the world, but they all have one problem: they aren’t real. You know Freddy Krueger won’t really get you because he’s just Robert Englund in a mask. Werewolves don’t wreak havoc in London, and there are no sexy vampires who just want to play sexy baseball. No, what you need in your horror is that taste of real-life terror. Here are some creepy documentaries about the paranormal that are guaranteed to get under your skin…

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge | 0:28
The Mothman of Point Pleasant | 1:12
The Nightmare | 2:00
My Amityville Horror | 2:39
A Haunting in Connecticut and Georgia | 3:15
The Pantry Ghost Documentary | 4:14
Ghosts on the Underground | 4:47
Out of the Blue | 5:29

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Creepy Paranormal Documentaries That'll Make You Question Everything