Creepy Unexplained Photos That Should Not Exist 2

From mysterious figures in photos, creepy faces caught lurking behind people, to unexplained paranormal happenings in images.

20.Party Crasher
The people in this photo were having a party of only close friends. Everyone knew everyone
here. Except for the ghostly boy in the far right of the photo. Nobody knows who that is.

19. Hair salon
Some stylists have to practically have to bend backwards to please their clients, but this seems like a little much. What would you do if you saw that coming towards you?

18.Unwanted guest
Just seems like a normal photo of two two boys until you see what they didn’t. Did you find it? That’s not a pretty face.

17.Looking in
In scary movies sometimes the monsters or muderers hide behind the curtains. With sheer curtains you've got nothing to worry about. Right? Except for this guy, it looks like someone is taking a peek at him.

This girl was just posing for a photo in the park when this appeared in the background. The figure looks like slenderman. What do you think?

The face you make when all the movies you want are unavailable. But seriously what’s happening? Did she look up at the wrong time a photo was being taking? Who is able to bend that way and why would they even choose to bend that way? It’s a strange moment to go all exorcist.

She’s showing off her new present and she’s ready to play! Someone is photobombing this moment though.

13.School girls
Just two happy cute girls taking a selfie in the school bathroom. Wait is that a third? Either there’s another girl taking a squat in the background or they better get out of there fast.

12. Guess who's coming to dinner
What a cute photo of a dad and baby just sharing smooches. Who’s that sitting at the table? It’s said that this baby’s mother has passed, but she showed up for the photo opt. Looks like she’s just watching over them from afar.

This couple was scaring people in Auckland with their masked faces and creepy demeanor. Several people reported seeing them sulking around the area. Why would someone do this?
10.Peek a boo
Look everyone’s ready for a girls night out! Anyone know what that little girl might be crying? There’s something around you eye level that would make you cry too if you were her.

9.Picture day
The whole kindergarten class is all lined up to show off their creations. The masks are already a little creepy on their own, but it looks like someone didn’t want to be left out.

8.Get off my porch
What would have been a fond photo to look back at has turned into a nightmare. There’s someone looking out at them from their own doorway! Who is that?

High school is already a scary enough place. Photos like this aren’t helping AT ALL. She looks like how it feels when you realise you forgot to do last night's homework.

6.Backseat creep
This girl was shocked to see the face of a little boy in the back of one of her selfies. She doesn’t know who it is and he wasn’t there when she turned around.

5.Shadow attack
You can see a man walked into a clear hallway, but then something happens. Look closely do you see it? This security camera captured this man being attacked by a shadowy figure. It knocks him down and assaults him.

4.Creepy corner
We’re all scared that one day someone will find our myspace era emo photos. This girl has a lot more to be afraid of that someone seeing her old haircut. Someone is watching her.

Ah happy photo that would make some reminisce about their own childhood memories. Seems like a perfectly normal photo of a mom and her baby. That is until you see the next shot. Unless your childhood was filled with the paranormal I’m sure you can’t relate to this image.

2.Bus accident
A bus in Malaysia crashed and rescuers are in the water reviewing the scene. What was captured in the photo is startling. There’s an eerie smiling face under the bridge, that seems too happy about a tragic situation.

1.Red light
Some might say that this is just a lens flare. And to make yourself sleep better at night you should tell yourself that. This lens flare just coincidentally looks like someone holding the baby on their lap though