A video tour of David Wallace Haskins: PRESENCE, at Elmhurst Art Museum.

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“radical surprise…audaciously atypical…playfully impossible.” -Chicago Tribune

“David Wallace Haskins produces immersive and interactive installations and sculptures that challenge perception. Introducing new ways to physically experience and understand such ephemeral phenomena as light, sound, space and time, Haskins’ poetic works offer a gentle disorientation that encourages a new awareness of the world around us.

Investigating the boundaries between presence and mystery, light and dark, heaven and earth, body and environment, self and other, interior and exterior, Haskins’ exhibition takes its form as a journey that requires a slower pace, an openness to uncertainty and a shedding of preconceived notions of how we perceive or name things we encounter. The sequence of works provides opportunities to experience light as a physical object, sound as a spatial presence, void as volume and time as something visible. The artist invites you to ‘move outside of your history, the way you typically make sense of things, allow a moment of vertigo… to find a new footing to enter into a kind of beholding that transcends language and thought.’

In addition to artists such as Caspar David Friedrich, René Magritte, Yves Klein and James Turrell, Haskins draws inspiration from other disciplines like psychology, physics, philosophy and digital technology. He works with a team of artists, developers and technicians to realize his complex installations.”

-Staci Boris, Chief Curator
Elmhurst Art Museum

PRESENCE program PDF available here:

From the Elmhurst Art Museum website:

“Elmhurst Art Museum presents the first solo exhibition for multi-media artist David Wallace Haskins. Following the debut of his remarkable Skycube, currently installed on the Museum’s outdoor pavilion, Haskins’ has produced 7 new site-specific installations in the exhibition galleries. Employing light, space, time and sound, these immersive and interactive works challenge visitors’ sense of perception, introducing new ways to physically experience and understand the phenomena around us. Haskins’ innovative and poetic works aim to inspire awe and wonder while connecting people through shared experiences. David Wallace Haskins lives and works outside Chicago, IL.”

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