Documentary Kosovo In The Making


Kosovo. A young country located in the Balkans. It is positioned between the eastern and western culture. In 1999 it was the piece of earth where cruel ethnic cleansing took place against the Albanians. Now, 10 years after the war, peace is established and all seems quiet. The rebuilding process is moving towards a positive direction. Buildings are rebuild and traces from the war seem to have faded. Since the 17th of February 2008 Kosovo is an independent country. On the streets people are happy, enthusiastic and positive. The war seems far away.

Kosovo In The Making looks through the eyes of Albanian and Serbian youngsters to the rebuilding process of their country after the war. How do they reflect on the developments the last 10 years? How are they involved in the rebuilding process of their country? And how do they see the future? Soon it appears that the apparent peace and harmony only cover up the harsh truth. On the streets everything looks pretty but soon it turns out that a next war awaits. A war that might very well be more difficult to fight than the last one.

Jurrit Dijkstra and Anne Runia are two Dutch students who travelled to Kosovo the beginning of may 2009 for shooting a documentary as part of their graduation assignment.

This documentary was entirely shot on a low-budget consumer camera. A sony HDR-SR10 with a shotgun microphone.

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