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DOPPELGÄNGER Unexplained phenomena mysteries, Mysterious - paranormal events " Harbinger of Bad Luck" "Evil Twin" spirits of living persons - double spirits appear in folklore, myths, religious concepts, and traditions of many cultures throughout human history. The sight of your own doppelgänger is said to be an omen of death, while a doppelgänger seen by a person’s friends or family is considered a sinister warning of impending doom.
According to legend, doppelgangers (German for “double-walker”) are paranormal duplicates of a real person. They can manifest in a number of ways: You can see them out of the corner of your eye, meet them on a lonely road somewhere, or, chillingly, see them standing behind you when looking in a mirror. Sometimes a doppelganger can’t be seen by the person at all, but instead manifests to other people in a completely different location. It may even cooperate with the person, help them with tasks, or act as a surrogate body of sorts.
There are many explanations for the doppelganger phenomenon. Mystics throughout the ages have believed they are supernatural creatures: either spiritual copies of the person or downright demonic twins. Meanwhile, scientists say they’re just electrical glitches of the brain, or mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Only two things are certain about these eerie apparitions: They are often bad news, and a surprising number of significant historical figures have claimed to be haunted by them.
Tonight we talk about traditions and share some real life stories as well as the Mythology and Folklore on Dopplegangers.

The word 'doppelgänger' is often used in a more general sense to describe any person who physically or behaviorally resembles another person.The word doppelgänger is a loanword from German Doppelgänger, consisting of the two substantives Doppel (double) Gänger (walker or goer). The singular and plural form are the same in German, but English usually prefers the plural "doppelgängers." It was first used by Jean Paul in the novel Siebenkäs (1796), and his newly coined word.
As is true for all other common nouns in German, the word is written with an initial capital letter. In English, the word is conventionally uncapitalized (doppelgänger). It is also common to drop the diacritic umlaut, writing "doppelganger."
Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich
Guests - Dave Spinks, Paranormal Investigator, Author
David Weatherly, Paranormal Investigator, Writer
Dave Spinks and David Weatherly have both been featured on
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Biography - David Weatherly
A paranormal investigator and author. For over 35 years he has explored the world of the strange, investigating cases around the country and abroad. He has written and lectured on a diverse range of topics including cryptozoology, ufology and hauntings. David has also studied shamanic and magical traditions with elders from numerous cultures including Europe, Tibet, Native America, and Africa. He has appeared on numerous radio programs including: Darkness Radio, Project White Paper, Haunted South and Paranormal Live. He is a writer for Intrepid Magazine and is the author of "The Black Eyed Children "Strange Intruders".
Biography - Dave Spinks
A paranormal invesigator, author...soon to be released published book.
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