EVP Recordings Unexplained Voices Captured

I was alone late one night, I heard a noise in the bedroom and sensed a spirit presence. Being so tired I didn't attempt full on communication with them, instead requested that if they wanted to leave a message to find another way.

EVPs Start: 07:58

I went to bed and before falling to sleep set the iPhone snore app, that uses the normal phone mic, to record overnight.

When I awoke, I reviewed the recorded clips and happened to hear an incidental EVP. Over the following week or two I listened to recordings every morning and found a few more.

EVPs are at 07:57 on this video.

The environment was controlled in so much as there was nobody else in or around the house on the nights/early hours of the EVPs. We have double glazing and no windows were open. Broadband and bluetooth were off, phone was in airplane mode and tv electricals were off in the room.

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