Learn the terrifying, true story about thirteen months that changed history! In November of 1966 a car full of kids encountered a creature unlike anything they'd ever seen before. In the weeks and months to follow, the monster (now known as The Mothman) was sighted again and again on country roads and around the state of West Virginia. As the sightings continued so did an increase in unusual activity.

At the center of this bizarre series of events was the town of Point Pleasant, WV. A small burb situated on the banks of the Ohio river with a lengthy history of what many might call bad luck. Over the next thirteen months Point Pleasant would undergo one of the strangest outbreaks of paranormal activity the world has ever seen. An outbreak that eventually ended in tragedy.

The Mothman of Point Pleasant is the fourth documentary from Small Town Monsters exploring bizarre creature sightings around the U.S. and their impact on rural communities. The film is narrated by Lyle Blackburn and written, produced and directed by Seth Breedlove. It was shot by Zac Palmisano and featured a musical score by Brandon Dalo, as well as animated sequences by Chris Scalf and illustrations by Matt Harris and Brandon Scalf.

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