George Knapp the Unexplained end of Life of Singer Bobby Fuller

COAST TO COAST AM. Miriam Linna, author and founder of Norton Records, discussed the mystery surrounding the death of musician Bobby Fuller who, at the age of 23, had a Top 10 hit with I Fought the Law and was found dead in a car doused in gasoline outside his Hollywood apartment. "There's no way that a suicide could occur the way the body was found," she said, dismissing the official police conclusion on how Fuller died and pointing out a number of anomalies surrounding his death. However, she was also skeptical that Fuller was intentionally murdered and theorized that he had inadvertently died due to injuries from being beaten. Additionally, Linna attributed the shoddy investigation into Fuller's death to the passing of the Los Angeles police chief which happened two days earlier and subsequently threw the entire department into chaos.

Featured guests also include: George Anastasia

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