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A documentary about friendship... And UFOs

It’s ok to be both charmed and shed a tear when watching this delightful film about a group of Swedish UFO enthusiasts. The group have been meeting since the 70s in a common dream to answer the biggest questions - and, more recently to unravel the puzzle of the mysterious Ghost Rockets.

The unknown objects have been seen landing and sinking into lakes across Scandinavia for over 20 years. They have kept the club's chairman awake at night since the end of the Cold War, but now he's had it! With the backing of the entire club, a complicated mission is embarked on which will hopefully shed light on the mystery.

But this film is not just about life in outer space, It's also about life here on earth, and about sharing the questions of existence with friends under the night sky, maybe even with some cake and tea.

- Available with English and German Subtitles
- 68 Min theatrical version of GHOST ROCKETS.
- Over 18 Min of deleted scenes and bonus material.

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