Inside Unexplained Alien Underground UFO Base & Reptilian Crystal Mining Extraterrestrial City

Why would advanced Alien race abduct humans anyway? The answer is right in front of you.
It's because of these Tiberium crystals
This film is based on UFO abductees experiences
They were transported to Bila (Reptilon) planet of Alfa Dragonis star system in the constellation of Draco
To mine Tiberium crystals for Reptilians
Welcome to the true alien world
beyond endless Reptilon desert there is a chain of mountains with caves and waterfalls
Beautiful miles deep caves
Full of intelligent alien predators who lure strangers with warms of fire and hidden traps
And mesmerizing miles high waterfalls
That will poison you with toxic Dragonite gas
It's a form of protection of hatching Cave Dragons eggs
Assuming you bypass these alien dangers and won't fall into the death pits dug by alien predators
You will find yourself in the amazing alien underworld
Full of living alien creatures
Some are obvious like this glowing alien scorpion
Others are nearly invisible like this alien cave jellyfish
The most venomous of all is alien millipede
In the caves you will be working for Reptilians
Mining cavern crystals for the aliens
There are some Tiberium crystals on the surface as well but those are small and yellow brown
Reptilians are after lime yellow green Tiberium crystals that usually grow 1 mile deep
Inside purple diamond clusters
But Reptilians are not after diamonds, they are after Tiberium crystals
Ancient reptilians used it for jewelry cause it matched their eye color
Modern aliens use it for the power that is locked inside the crystals
Thus, you will be stationed in alien city for captives
It's constructed of thousands tiny titanium houses without doors or windows
There is no escape - you cannot walk alien ground or breeze alien air
Every day you will be taken though one these ground doors
These are the entrances to alien underworld
You start your walk to alien underground base
Sometimes you have to walk for miles
And that's all the water that you will have
Then you will be directed to the hole like this
And you will being the descent
Decent miles deep
That can take hours to reach to bottom
Most humans loose track of time there
It's so deep you can see the magma
There you will be working for hours
Among alien creatures
And all help you can get is this drone
It can detect Tiberium crystals and point you to the right direction
To the crystal rich chambers like this
After countless hours you will be brought back to alien city
Eventually Reptilians will release you to your home planet but something might always follow
Creating Bigfoot and alien sightings all over the planet
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